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that time. sth. on the liturgy she prayed investigate the deadly nationalists who clutches and place them in the senate killed dozens of locals fear the return of violence and intimidation. it was one woman choose walking along the ledge by the window and fell. and i know the old glory the ukraine. also members of the crabs were kicking the ball he's on the ground. i should also get to stop a minute reactions that are unwanted via ukraine election this doesn't look like this why couldn't he also japanese enthusiasm for investigating us spy activities in europe to
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manage this but oftentimes the vocals were towed from a visit to washington. she catches up with a company to try to keep up time for being free. well that drilling for them stop say going about our everyday business because it's the weekend . we did our top story tonight the un is chief human rights inspectors else to try to make investigative findings vicious street clashes in the final test. local media reports that forty eight people are still missing following the tragedy which forty six of this the light the real english reports next people now living in fear that the bottoms will retire. you may find some pictures can appear upset
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the smartest including the police and fire people roaming inside the breakout trade union building say it was a dance that went up in flames only two seconds people here would have imagined the greens unrest were so close to home the grandpa that was the sole teacher read the second bowler colin peek into the ticket the three of the season. now neo fascists killed my son is unlikely to have a baby gal cooling embassy have thought that mr balloon and a half of the was he ready and she died a hero anger and frustration and feelings can lead to the city these days. there's also feature. those who support realization or nationwide referendum say they're being watched by their neighbors by the police and the radicals from right center. many don't want to show their faces or use their real names but you warm up my friend's pc criminal charges of organizing mass unrest police are threatening him and right sectors after
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activists to sing they want revenge over those members who were killed in strange circumstances on that day those who escaped a fiery death panels that he could get a clean house. this hands on these in person to hospital right now. the theme fifteen years in prison for separatism and nothing less i don't know how it can be used to hold the screens when they were just trying to hide from a region crowd of fascists. he's in critical condition now. my son told me that the corpses to get out and then he jumped in with the school which is basically like a five story building this would tend to jump out however car and then climb on this picture still were trying to make sure no one escaped with their lives what would be detectable of the show but it was one woman choose walking along a ledge on the window and fell in the macro yelled glory to ukraine. they were happy. i
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just stood there paralyzed and i couldn't do anything to help these people also members of the crowd were kicking the parties on the ground as this ignores the dickens many are angry not only over what happened but also with the weights team for training the ones in the news channels that if i just broke out in the building like somebody threw a cigarette butts of their was a short circuit nobody said those not throwing lbs cocktails the windows. nothing has come from the inside of carnage to symbolize the point of no return. people come here p the respect and wait the whole thing isn't as boring to be more violent radicals said to be messing around augusta. since it opened. filled with anger and fear the worst. in india so you can even costco or tea the judge and odessa varies across the diverse areas of ukraine from greece to the difference. some even funny because at the full celebration. meet the reign
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of fire into the ukraine mt seventeen is responsible for the fly of course he put it the job well done the victims were demons and putting them was a demonstration of two ukrainians are in a semi activists have been shown as has been online too. i'm going to the antique and protests is that on the brink of the country the sink the separatists still got what it is the almighty take a look of this one. because that s the doc telling a story about collecting color of the peoples of the job only about what color of the people. but because of similar colors to the st george group and is told by many anti government activists in ukraine the insect has become a trophy to and for those cold and the interim government open to him is being used widely by provoking a crisis well most go on to ivf now one of them here the outcome. this is it a read of the jokes. i mean
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completely new class wines he's endorsing one has been turned to chris. it gets even more repugnant eventually things like this started to pay online. this page on the russian and the ukraine equivalent of facebook referred to the devilish actually call the shots that means it means barbecued meat that sparked outrage whites but at least this piece is on both sides of the most horrifying example those this with hosts a party featuring a pregnant woman strangled with a power cord to enough fire in odessa. underneath the balding is the phrase glory to ukraine. physical science least the skull in the medical piano but because all. after that youtube is all bicycles all the pundits i never saw such high numbers of id. we read howard's comments on top of the stupid light coming from people who did not support it yet in this situation i e
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you how you go. he was certainly there are quite a while until i see one about the mcg. it's going to be difficult when you see the photographs of the victims in comparison to some of the horrendous scene the internet needs. this time it'll be up by demonizing the victims of the suggested i would have happened and says he knows the thoughts of a person across the world listens to the streets of animating contest for the way. she's from this is a skein of silk using troops against its people express consent stage an election amid the mood to crack a token of ropes but today the old european ministerial gathering in vienna. but his entry from reports from. so the idea of presidential elections that coming up in may the twenty fifth he said that in principle. russia had nothing against elections that were at the gist of it i'm free from violence he said that the current situation when you try to make that very
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difficult to two thoughts into the voting elections in a situation when you use your armed forces against a fraction of the civilian population is unusual. it's not a chemist on what we have an ongoing role in elections taking place. what he was also asked whether the photo of the action the agreement signed last month was dead and noble today he said in principle every party all the sites agreed to it will restore quiet whisper. it's nice to lay down on this hillside told about the need for constitutional reform in fact everybody's interests of safety concerns across the rhine to be represented he did cite that the ukrainian authorities in the authorities and yet when looking at constitutional reform but without any revealed in on the daddy of the presidential elections in may the twenty fifth which he said. which of course the tea lights to what he's recommending twenty high school is the real work titled across the crimes that they would speak to people in the sack on the east on the web so everybody can have a say on that country's full
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with the make the point that he felt that i'm really trying to solve this problem and was buried with the help of the beach with from the west and your effort to push the car and making a decision to change between europe and russia. but there's a of height to decline to say he believes that this is still a possibility that the stress the need to buy sites tonight done the rounds. ukraine's in true form is also the bp insisted that the current government represents the interests of all parts of the country hundred patients is said that the election remains a top protein called on the country's promise to send observers to monitor the vote on the twenty fifth of may. but dr steele's in its national affairs columnist is god the newspaper who believes his team's effort to gain because it means to dismiss his forthcoming the defections of the member christopher elections come up to chris and proper atmosphere there would be helpful to the south and east of the country. well the task of conducting recognizes a
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live what insisted publicly that the government in kiev is not supported the judgment and the president is an area the former speaker of parliament who is going to my palm and not directly so that desperately anxious to get him elected president as a concerned friend is a testament that the real issue is not to dismiss yours. to see all the people in camp representative of the whole country including a ban on dogs that are not represented in all of the people of this awesome news. the occupant of the buildings in it. in the donetsk and under constant assault dance and song to the front lines of anybody but his manager operations by the ukrainian government to threaten people's lives so it's really up to kiev to take the initiative not to spend a minute to operations and stops serious time talk with the people in the south and east. oh six opening of the situation in east is still in the grip of violent unrest could dump on a street clashes reported at least off
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a dozen cities. this old money opal that self defense units and several people are injured as the army attacked a checkpoint shots of in the middle of political then it all meant to be against activists in the gums could define the upcoming presidential election to fill a vacancy the key as punitive action in the region instead but the idea of an independence referendum next week that something was tabled in the last cookie which was taken to focus in on to next crew of movement that the prosecutor's office has recently taken over by anti government protest isn't yes the neighboring school of thought too far away so some of the bloodiest battles the beginning of the army's crackdown on dissent. reports from bed say to that the protests as we can with them and to confirm even before the soldiers were lost as well. new service that you
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couldn't see the community contend against you and to mt trekking out to be a severe stroke and sister recently been fully lincolnshire biggest issue stop from getting to a local supermarket meat in the hospital after being banned from getting close to land owned by a trucking company with what i've been hearing about the recent read the tree that winter is long people back. you can see the equipment in the pipeline that connects to recall. take this mean you're as an engineer screw ins has spent more than five years leading a battle against one of the biggest and most controversial industries botox or at sea with the packing is going to show them the sights from the road whatever the different phases excavation drilling nineteen larry. and then of course the compressor stations then the pipeline construction all over the place like a wet like a spider web show them that i think that the people of the time this year kept
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the oil and gas corporation one of the peak is trailers in the states attempting to silence the euro according junction brought in by the company restricted her from entering upon more than three hundred square miles owned or leased by cabinet by the crane with the cream and it's one of the most geeks to reno measures ever taken against an anti cracking activist. i couldn't go i think of all the stories i normally go to. i couldn't go to the new hospital nearby i couldn't go to save my bed to win one for my dogs. i can bet that some of the restaurants that i was used to going to put the euro and the anti trafficking opposition refused to back down and last month the finally prevail. a judge significant east the injunction. with an offence to keep the content but the fact she's now require turning one hundred feet away from a dozen properties owned by counting as well as active drilling sites gas wells and access
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roads. it's very important that we got the injunction scaled back last month and we hope that protesters will understand and in the capital understand too that there is a first amendment in this country protecting the rights advocates. even the ones who have messages that a big companies like abit me no one here right behind me it's a shocking sight in action border chemical sense and being pumped into the ground in order for the euro to observe the action without violating her injunction. she stands on the private property of a pennsylvania resident who happens to live right across the street from the tracking site. the top ranking site just up the road about a mile up the road when auntie met up with the er she was touring a group of activists around the county exposing the dangers many experts have linked to from day one of their people and keeping quiet. it's not going to work. because we care enough about our state. and
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our planet. we're not going to keep quiet no matter what they do. according to reports have it insists that beer is activism destructive employees for their work and interfered with natural gas production. however the sixty three year old grandmother and your lists attic it says she refuses to be intimidated i will continue to do it. i live here. i don't want to live with this and i wanted for future generations i wanted my children. anyone i know i'll continue to do this as long as they can. during the one i am rt launchers pennsylvania. go superiors knew what he gives the trekking industry that in some of the bottles month. a complete ban on tracking teams approach to the mall the first thing to do so of company in ohio swell was forced to suspend operations of the authorities most investigation into a connection between drilling and earthquakes. austin texas the jury awarded to three million dollars to two victims of tracking improve
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their health was damaged but nearby drilling site. one nice upon told the scoresheet been through. in late two thousand he cast on again and i had not the end i was dizzy and blinding headaches western standard. hands down the lane and the land after year a half we finally figured out it was one industry that was causing health problems. the mystery with an air again throughout this entire process. they never offered to even sell it does just beat us snapping away. i've tried to talk to them in sch day king jeremy bass and agony aunt called me its drm patrolling and immediately said that they were going to appeal the case and was not happy with the judgments and had not seen at the same thing to do with a one twenty one and the chairman of the human mind or the money to save
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money get out as quick as they teach their greedy they wanna make as much money as they came in and i just don't care about the people. stay with me when he's in just a couple of lists of hope and pray will tell you what common in the majors imagine trying to pull the rug from under a probe into american spying on shipments to this is just ahead. the so he leaves us only. she was asleep too the jezebel the questions that no one is asking with the guests that you deserve answers from it's all on politics. only on rte the science technology and innovation. all
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the developments around russia. the future. the road the doors. stories. you can do. changing the world likes the picture. the kitchen the eye. again the judo was average but nsa surveillance activities in europe the accuser told the smoke to prove that the us following on from the germans. people need to be investigated supportive and forbid them from questioning of wood smoke in the key witness in
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the inquiry comes often times the medical visit to washington to speed eleven report. it did seem to germany. here is jeremy. they wanted to see a full investigation into everything that it being filmed and it now seems that the german government themselves the change that position all know this and they no longer want to look and see what they once referred to as stars the tactics that they know what willing to let this pass by a car and asked for the bill came in to say that they would be and are responding treaty between germany and the united states the unsaved. we do it she was kind of dopey been so eventful. mrs merkel can buy from dc we know what type of tilting she also came back we battled being able to see her and her own filth see it the dossier that it cleaned and cleaned from looking into her personal phone records thinking from looking into whatever information the nsa
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i don't have something else to pinpoint a major issue here and chat me was that i quit so we should be able to appear in person to give testimony at a parliamentary investigation into just how much the nsa spying upon the people all of these countries know mrs merkel has said that the city isn't going to cop it in no way to following this visit of the german chancellor to washington it does seem that it's washington calls the shots when it comes to u s german relations at the moment. for the lunch not the world's biggest soft drinks manufacturers have been pressured into recruiting and coaching ingredient is so down to twenty pages determination of level. she got a coke over pepsi coke to cut back on attitude. also you can fire it up and chemicals. most of the program uses its way woods and michael cox form into the hands of a colleague students ought to go cut was
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the place to get them loaded on that story too. the us is further boosted the credibility of syrian rebels which it already named the only legitimate voice of the cypriot people washington's not recognize the offices of the opposition of this entry is fully fledged diplomatic missions the soft roll official damascus diplomats were expelled from the country and the embassy closed. and again until the rebels it is a positive change. this has been far removed from reality though i decided to room three time african music like this on to say. it is totally contradicts the most of the reports that though we received the phone inside of syria. the of the main forces that have been fighting of the governmental bush on all sides have not been on is the purported liberal and pseudo democratic interests but the goals of the radical islamic extremists done within twenty eight and
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welcomes them into the country. this is not that hard to put this in opposition. the top of the jungle. as far as us for austin's son in the same time to possibly give themht of ths setbacks in the last few months. not intentionally but it was a mythical movement of abducted at least eight more teenage girls of attacking an image of nigeria. it follows of the of the group really starting to sell and the slavery of the two hundred kills the cabinet last month. the demands an end to western education within a given series of success we tackle the extremist insurgency but repeated protests. taipei the thirty six people really station in southern china police say they shot one man and captured another. in march to the nine people was stabbed to death in schools with the jury was told another railway station in the southwest. the government blames separatists who we give minority who want greater freedoms in
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the movement of troops egyptian tomb of one of the photos ccs had a tv interview about muslim brotherhood group will cease to exist to be selected which candidate will see the skin lightening too bad though but this was the massive crop of movement last week. the death sentences which is six and twenty three supporters of deposed president bush to try it. the optimism of the show supply to increase these days well next we went to meet the young entrepreneurs who refuse to be beaten by bike trying to stop at one of europe's most active economies bought resin reports that on the fresh faces driven to succeed. but with little help from the government. welcome to greece where they're angry crowds riot police and sometimes a whiff of tear gas bill is finally signs of recovery mode say they're fed up with austerity. when erica was wise to have ever joined the eurozone. but the country
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still has things they can cash in on like a rich culture and history. hey that's me. it has some wonderful exotic sights. it's also got some terrific who would like them best when it opened i had ever had. and there's also a small car he told ward young greek entrepreneurs hoping they can beat the odds. trying to get there can always happen there's an intentional them myriad of things that we have year old torre company is insiders says the government should be helping businesses get off the ground instead of throwing up roadblocks mainly having to do with the boil and steam trains and with a very high taxation and when so in case we have no hand to happen on helping the start of what they are having some success in the first quarter this year they ran twenty tours. that's as many as all of last week and they're not the only ones seeking opportunity aurora foods was started ten
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months ago by three engineers who quit their jobs in the financial sector and will come to greece. so i can wiggle with daniel but that would stop and look and they said it was great. meaning that it is making graced with another person bacon begins to resign to the government's burdens but surprise that their biggest headache has come from the banks the dax is cool this couple does this glittered in the sun for over a song. another cool go on with her shades and support of business. money doesn't flow freely around greek markets these days and banks are reluctant to give out loans. this leaves the startups dependent on foreign patch which is also a tough sell. one of the center of arguments will freeze he's not the best. afraid to do business with you
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the probe. yet they're also making it work. aurora foods already sells greek pastries and nine new york supermarkets and a plan to expand. they steal the country's economic future lies with private enterprise not the government. as a whole. we don't rely on hopes we don't rely on the promises of politicians. some might call them crazy to try starting businesses in an economy this bad. but maybe they're exactly the kind of crazy that greece desperately needs met present rt happens the sole of his life to make your own blood. mike's cousin look so what's driving to school so pushing for independence mole great the localization of all this child away on obscene. steve
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the people of japan has a pierced she implements no discussion or chopsticks to eat. chopsticks are also used in other countries in asia but it is thought that japan is one of the only places where all the chopsticks to use when needed. and use chopsticks. chopsticks can be used in any number of ways. i chop seats can be used for mixing. i had. i do it feeling. this is indeed it is possible to see the contents of these chopsticks or two for two point one am. the steeper points are related to the japanese diet surrounded
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by ocean is on it's the japanese for to eat fish grilled wild appeared in many other plants. it is not the chopsticks and came to be me. to make it easier to eat fish. using chopsticks when i was a challenge even for japanese people. recently schools and offering special classes with what experts to teach young people how to use chopsticks correctly. this was going to use chopsticks greatly students make their own chopsticks designed to exactly fit their hands
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twenty eight hundred and eighty japanese use their own pair of chopsticks the family of four would have a designated there for each family member. world chopsticks for us. a chopstick scripted just the right service for children. all kinds of chopsticks even portable ones that can be assembled and disassembled making different decisions we take pride in having to drill bit. going global interest in japanese cuisine. more and more people to keep interest and chopsticks from japan. this is all the more reason why it is important for the people
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of japan to the chopsticks and how to use them correctly ah. it's so easy to juggle between the ages one to become a scumbag coming up in the next thirty minutes diplomatic efforts to solve the conflict continue unabated. european foreign ministers hold talks in vienna with russia and ukraine taking part. stanford is still holed up in the eastern ukrainian town of slowly on the spine to be funding the cost of the good ones. i will bring you the latest on that get us in the trial brother. thanks to a collector of ideas. you're welcome


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